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                                    Multi-Pack Drinks / Juice Boxes

Tropicana OJ 8oz. 6-Pack         $ 4.45

Premium Original
Premium w/ Calcium
Especially Formulated For Kids

Sunny-D Florida Style 8-Pack                $ 3.50

Horizon Organic Milk Box 8 oz. 3-Pack   $3.75       
Horizon Organic Milk Box 18 Pack Brick     $ 15.95      
/ Strawberry / Vanilla / 2% Plain

        Juice Boxes All Kinds of Juice Boxes

Apple Juice 9-Pack
Apple/White Grape 9-Pk         $  3.65

 Juicy Juice 9-Pack                      $ 3.45
Tangerine Orange / Berry-Berry / Cherry

Capri Sun Juice Box 8-Pack   $ 2.75
All Flavors

Gatorade Juice Box 8-Pack      $ 3.45 Fierce Grape / Glacier Freeze / Strawberry-Kiwi / Fruit Punch

32oz √Źlavors

Gatorade 32oz.    $ 1.75

  or          6 for $ 8.00          

Gatorade Widemouth 24/20oz. Bottles for $ 22.50 Case
Blue-Rasp / Orange / Lemon-Lime / Glacier Freeze

Iced Tea
Turkey Hill Teas 64oz. 1/2 Gallon $ 2.45
Regular Tea
Lemon Tea
Green Tea w/Ginseng
Orange Tea
Decaf Tea
Diet Tea w/Lemon
Diet Decaf

Diet Green Tea w/Ginseng  --Lemonade
Arizona Tea
Non Refrigerated  Gallons      $ 4.00
Diet Green / Green / Sweet
Regular w/Lemon


Specials This Month  

New Customers

Want to join in on the fun?  Tired of driving to the market?  Or are you just interested in having top quality products delivered directly to your doorstep at  supermarket  prices. Now Bringing More to the Door
If so, you may want to become a Moo Moo Express customer.
First time customers call 609-497-4645 to set up service,
from that point on your order is as simple as a phone call or an email away.

Ordering is easier than ever before.  For now you can just call in your orders at 609-497-4MILK.(4645) Make sure your phone orders are in before 6 pm; emails in by 4 pm for tomorrows delivery.

Moo Moo Fashion
Are you alway tracking the latest designer styles?  Then you need to own a Moo Moo Express t-shirt.  Just add one to your order and you will receive it with your next delivery.